Our Sweet Wines

Sweetened with Zerose™, a natural sweetener."


No Fats
No Aftertaste
No Kidding!

Contains Zerose™, a natural sweetener that:

• occurs naturally in wine and most fruits
• tastes exactly like sugar
• contains no fat
• has no aftertaste

SLENDER® WINES all contain Zerose™
Alcohol levels are 12-13%.


• Produced from a blend of California white grapes, A pale
straw color, floral scents of peach, apricot, & citrus with a
lingering floral sweetness to the finish.
• Serve as an aperitif, with fish, fowl, cheese, fried chicken, and
a variety of fresh desserts.
• Serve chilled 45-55°

Slender White

• A blend of California white & red grapes. Aromas
suggest strawberry, berry, and citrus with
elegant sweetness.
• Enjoy as an aperitif or as a social sipping wine. Food
pairings include fish, fowl, processed meats,
German-style foods, and cheeses.
• Serve chilled 45-55°

Slender Blush

• Crafted from California red grapes, is dark in color.
Aromas include cherry, classic berry, plum, and spice.
Mild sweetness caps a lasting finish.
• Pair this wine with poultry, a variety of red meats, game,
grilled meats, & yellow cheeses.
• May be served chilled (60°) or at room temperature.

Slender Red