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See what Locate A Winery has to say about their January Visit!

Locate A Winery visited Chateau Thomas Winery located in Plainfield, Indiana, near Indianapolis. For wine lovers trying to find wineries or locate wineries in Indiana, Chateau Thomas Winery is definitely worth a trip to IN.


The owner of this winery, Dr. Charles Thomas, is a charming and knowledgeable person to talk to and learn about wines. He is incredibly educated and a human encyclopedia about wine. As a matter of fact, he wrote a book to share all his knowledge with fellow wine lovers, called “Practical Wine Talk, A Physician-Winemaker Examines Wines”.


When talking about this winery, it is hard not to talk about Dr. Thomas, because he is the main draw for visiting it. He has been a wine maker and started this winery in the 1970’s, which stemmed from his wine-making hobby and love for wine. He started making wines as a home wine maker, and his passion for wine turned into wine making and the creation of the winery. It ultimately became a full-time venture for Dr. Thomas, even though he was a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist for 32-years!


The winery itself is also impressive. They host a number of events through the year and the tasting room feels as though you walked into someone’s living room and about to visit with friends. There are large, leather chairs to sit in as you chat about their wines. There is also plenty of wine- related merchandise to purchase.


Dr. Thomas wrote about the tasting protocol “rules” in his book you should know before attending a wine tasting session. There is an order to tasting, and here are the four rules for your reference:
• Dry wine before sweet
• White wine before red
• Light wine before heavy wine
• Young wine before old wine


Now that you know the rules and the correct order for tasting wines, you can begin your tasting. There is not one bad wine at this winery, in fact, you will be hard pressed not to purchase a bottle of wine to take home with you to share with friends.


Be sure to stop by Chateau Thomas Winery, they will help you create a memory while sipping a glass of wine.


Author: Bonnie Jo Komo


About the Author: Bonnie Jo Komo is a Business Owner and Media Content Manager with intelixseo, managing intelixseo’s blog, search and social media properties. Bonnie Jo is also a wine enthusiast, who enjoys traveling around the Country learning and sharing different wine experiences. Bonnie Jo has a MBA and worked with IBM for 20-years managing diverse groups and customers.


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